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GroupCalendar™ for Outlook ®
GroupCalendar™ for Exchange
Install Guide
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Install Guide

 1) Exit MS Outlook ®.

2) Run the setup and follow the steps.

 3) Start MS Outlook ® and you will find this screen. Select the option that is applicable to your situation. Meanwhile another screen will pop up concerning the license agreements.


4) Check whether the new buttons are visible.


5) Check the TeamContacts folder (Subfolder of Outlook ® / Contacts).

6) Open the Windows Explorer and:

  • Browse to "C:\Program files\TeamContacts";
  • Copy the "TeamContacts.mdb" file;
  • Make a drive mapping to a share on the network where you and your colleagues all have read / write access;
  • Check "Reconnect at logon";
  • Paste the "TeamContacts.mdb" file.

7) Open the "Select Database..." dialog in Outlook ®.

  • Push the "Change database" button;
  • Browse to the network share;
  • Select the shared "TeamContacts.mdb" file;
  • Press "OK".

For working without Exchange Server: repeat steps 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 for every other user.

The next steps are for EXCHANGE SERVER USERS only!

8) Go to the "All Public Folders" and:

  • Right-click on it. Select "New Folder";

  • Name it (for exampple "TeamContacts");
  • Select "Contacts Items" from the list and press "OK";

  • Check the user rights by right-clicking on the newly created folder and select "Properties";

  • Give the user "Default" (and all other users) -->  "Owner" permissions.

9) Open the "Select Team Contacts folder..." dialog.

  • Browse to, and select the Public TeamContacts folder;

  • Repeat steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 for every other user).


  • Create a contact in your own private contact folder and see it appear in the TeamContacts folder;
  • Change the contact in your private calendar and see it change in the TeamContacts folder;
  • Delete the contact from your private contact folder and see it disappear from the TeamContacts folder.

If this is not working properly, please contact our helpdesk.

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